Zheng Zhang

Penn State 2020er, Research Associate at Penn State IST.


iOS AR App for observing weather conditions directly from indoor

Link to Submission Link to Source Code


iOS Application using AccuWeather API for HACKPSU Fall 2018. Augmented Reality integrated for observing the weather condition directly from indoor. Also, image tracking (interesting feature) is also integrated.


We developed this app mainly for those patients, elders and disables who are unable to move easily to go outside, with our app, they can comprehend and experience the outside weather when they’re alone. Also, we also have a lively cat integrated inside, so they can feel the warmth of those cute animals.


  1. Details about real-time weather condition.
  2. Automatically obtain user location and retrieve local weather data.
  3. Conveniently observing the weather condition via Augmented Reality indoors.
  4. Give the user a chance to experience and interact with various weathers.
  5. High resolution, cute cat integrated and can be directly projected on your hands (demo card needed).
  6. All data were collected via AccuWeather API.


  1. Density graph of future weather prediction hourly.
  2. More detailed models and animations will be implemented and projected in AR mode.
  3. More animals will join us and we can even interact with them!


We changed the name from “Weather alARm” to “A-weatheR app” after completed it.